The day before my 29th birthday

Posted April 2017

Tomorrow is my birthday.

Today is my last day at 28 years old… which means it’s

the last day before my 29th birthday!

I look back on the year I had, and I can’t help but think how much has happened and how lucky I have been. I challenged myself a lot personally and professionally. I’d always lived in the moment, but this year I had to learn how to do it even more, and enjoy it. It became a big part of my life, never knowing where I was going, how long I was going to stay or with whom and at the same time trying to enjoy the place I was being sent to. My quest grew stronger, I wanted to discover the local places, and bring back a unique memory of all the places I discovered, and write about it. Share it with the world.

I also challenged myself physically, learning how to stay active and healthy on the road. I struggled when I realized I had plateaued and even regressed in a certain discipline but my friends kept progressing. I had to keep reminding myself that I had improved in other areas, such as yoga. I started meditation, which I’m still learning how to do.

I enjoyed some precious time with my immediate and extended family and cherish every second of it. I also became a godmother to this gorgeous little girl whom I love so much.

This year I also realized I inspired people (without knowing it). Multiple times throughout the year, friends approached me and told me how I keep them motivated, how my drive impresses them and how they look to me for strength and determination. I even received a bracelet that says ‘Inspire’. I keep all of this in mind everywhere I go. I am so proud to be who I am, and happy that the world sees me the way I do.

I was never scared of growing old. If one thing, I remember speaking about my retirement plans even before I finished university. I always looked up to older, more mature people, and I was very close to my grandmother. Every year, I become a little more of who I was meant to be: I’m taking risks, trying new avenues and learning about myself every step of the way. I look forward to seeing what this new year will bring.

Yes, that’s everything that’s going on in my head, the day before my 29th birthday.


Cheers to one last year in my 20s!


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