The colorful yoga pants

Posted December 2017

Lately I’ve been traveling to a lot of cities in the USA. When I live in hotels for an extended period of time, I like to be comfortable so I always bring leggings with me. I love the Onzie brand as well as the Lularoe leggings because they are light, yet warm, and they have fun patterns that you can easily pair with a multitude of colors… This brings me to today’s blog topic:

the story of my traveling colorful yoga pants.

Almost every city I’ve been too, I’ve had comments about my leggings. I’ve gotten a lot of stares, you know the long ones that go from your legs, all the way to your face and back down to your feet. Sometimes I get a smile, sometimes I get a look of what seems to be disgusted, or incomprehension. I’ve gotten the ” I like your groovy pants”, “Your pants are so original”, “Oh your leggings are fun”… but the compliments never feel genuine unless I’m in a city like Portland, Vancouver, or Monterrey, where I can feel the excitement when they see them.

This opened my eyes to how colorful and fun workout clothes and lounging clothes in Los Angeles and California are compared to other cities such as New York, Boston, Augusta, Birmingham or even Montreal. I’ve noticed most people work out with black or dark colored pants or shorts and sometimes the top might be slightly more exciting. Then I realize I also was like that when I lived in Montreal. What happened? I needed more fun and colorful clothes to stay motivated. I discovered brands like Onzie, Poprageous, Alo, Yoga Democracy and Teeki that have such fun patterns and are ideal for hanging out in a hotel room, going for a walk, a yoga class, a run, catching a flight… you get the idea!

Don’t worry world, I will keep challenging your conservative views and open your eyes to fun bright-colored realities, one pair of leggings at a time!

My colorful yoga pants are not done traveling!


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