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A running addiction…

Being able to run and enjoy it takes time and patience. The most common mistake is people start with what seems to be unachievable distances at fast paces. I was a very good short distance runner (5km) but when I tried to run 10-15km I couldn’t do it. I had to leave my ego home, and slow down my pace and that helped so much! I also attended a lot of running clinics and groups which helped with my form and motivation. I use the Nike+ app. It’s a great tool to track your pace, distance and time. You can also include notes on your run such as the type of shoes you were wearing, the temperature, the surface you were running on and how hard it was for you. The Nike+ app offers guided runs: short runs, long runs, interval training, fartleks(intrigued? check it out!), etc!

I remember my father talking about the runner’s high, this sensation of being on a cloud and not feeling like you’re running anymore. I thought he was crazy at first… and then I experienced it! I’ve noticed the environment that surrounds me and the music I listen to help get in that bubble. There are different schools of thought about listening to music but I’m a huge fan. I’ll pick some slower songs early on in my run if I want to do a longer distance, and towards the end when I need an extra push to finish I’ll put the more energetic music on. One of my friends recommended that I try listening to podcasts. At first, I was reluctant but I listened to an episode of this American Life, on a 10k run and I must say it distracted me and kept me going!

I also love to run by the waterfront, in parks and cities. There is so much going on my mind doesn’t have time to think about my hip or knee hurting.

Running is also a great way to explore new cities. Why walk when you can run right? You cover so much more ground in a shorter amount of time, you can appreciate the local aromas and can pick out the busy spots to come back and visit.

One more thing that has happened to me so many times and always makes me smile: people cheering me on along the way. I’ve had people clap, give me a thumbs up, cheer and blow the horn!

When I’m running in a new environment, I always ask for recommended routes and safety and I always bring my phone (Click the link to know why).

Be sure to click on the links below the pictures to get more tips about running as well as recommended gear.

Here are some pictures of my runs around the world!

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