Running Gear

Latest update: May 2018

Here below you will find a list of running gear I recommend. In the latest How confinement made me fitter – Running addict post, I discuss additional running gear and running tips. Be sure to check it out after!

Recommended Running Gear:

  • Shoes: I go to a Runner’s circle every 6 months to a year, to get the right shoes for my feet.
  • Socks: short thin ones for summer and long thick ones for winter.
  • iPhone/music device: I run with my iPhone and the Spotify app to listen to various playlists.
  • Armband for your phone: I like the Incase brand. They have been very reliable and long lasting!
  • Headphones: I’m currently enjoying running with the Bose Free SoundSport earbuds. I also recently tried the Airpods but they tend to slide out of my ear if I get extra sweaty.
  • Leggings or tight shorts: For the summer, spring and fall, I’ve become a fan of mid-calf leggings or mid-thigh tight shorts for running. Lululemon has a great selection of pockets that will fit your iPhone and even secret ones for your keys. I also enjoy their longer, thicker leggings for the winter.
  • Tops: depending on the weather, I’ll run with a cute sports bra in the heart of summer or with multiple layers on in the winter. I’m a big fan of Lululemon’s sports bras and tank tops and have had great luck with Nike’s long sleeve shirts & running hoodies.
  • Chafing cream: I use the Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Stick to stop chafing when I know I will be running a long distance and am wearing shorts.
  • Running hat: for the summer, I like a baseball cap to keep the sun out of my eyes and from burning the top of my head as well as to keep the sweat out of my eyes. During the winter, I have a beanie to keep my ears and my head warm.
  • Gloves: for running in the winter, in cities like Montreal, where the weather gets below 30F.
  • hydration backpack: I strongly recommend Teton Sport TrailRunner 2.0 Hydration pack. It has CHANGED MY LIFE on long runs. It is so cheap, light and user-friendly.
  • a running buddy to keep you motivated!

I always bring my phone with me for 4 reasons: to listen to music, to track my runs on the Nike+ run club app, to use google maps in case I get lost, and possibly use the Uber app in case I need a lift back.

Side note, the Nike+ run club app also has guided runs. You can pick the type of run you would like to do, for example, a short, long or a speed run, and they will coach you through it!

Have a great run!


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