Latest visit: February 2017


  • Central Coast Juicery: for fresh, natural juices and friendly service. The bottom row of their juice fridge is 50% off because it was made the day before.
  • Stop at Pavel’s Bakery for delicious pastries and bread.
  • Sit down and enjoy the small cute park on the corner of Laurel Ave and 17th.
  • Fandango restaurant looks beautiful from the outside and the menu made my mouth water. I’ll have to try it soon!
  • Walk up 17th Street and venture into the little shops and restaurants.


My first impression of Pacific Grove did not reflect what I found on my second visit to the area. I thought it was only a very small, quiet, town with only Lover’s Cove as its main attraction. I was wrong!

Everyone was so friendly. I got a free juice at Central Coast Juicery for no reason other than the staff were very nice. Then I walked to the Bakerei and they didn’t accept cards. She told me after I had picked out what I wanted so she gave me a business card with an ‘IOU $ 2,50 handwritten on it so I remembered to come back! I felt so bad I ran out and went to withdraw money a few blocks down because her display of trust was just overwhelming and I would never want to disappoint her! In the end, I paid… and forgot the pastries (I’m not proud of that at all!).

It was raining so I didn’t explore as much as I would have loved to. There were so many little shops, thrift shops and restaurants I would have liked to explore. Hopefully next time!