One YEAR later and we are still in a COVID pandemic.

Posted March 2021

One YEAR later and we are still in a COVID-19 pandemic.


Who would have ever thought that we’d still be dealing with this COVID-19 fiasco a year later… and that we still wouldn’t be out of the woods.

Remember when I wrote the blogs entitled Not a Pause and Definitely NOT a pause and you probably thought I was crazy for writing those things?

Funny how I was right…



It is very strange how quickly time has passed since the world shut down for the first time.

I feel like so little has happened yet so much DID happen.


There was horrifying loss, sadness and loneliness,

There was terrible tiredness and strain,

There was great loss and suffering,

There was so much anxiety and worry.


2020 was also a year of discovery,

A year of growth,

A year of adaptability,

A year of resilience,

A year of fitness accomplishments.


No, I still can’t believe it’s been a year since I packed my bags in a hurry and rushed back on an empty plane to Canada.

Yes, I do believe we will come out of this stronger than ever, finally truly deserving that ninja title.


No, I didn’t believe it would be possible to have my nose swabbed every week for work purposes.

Yes, I am impressed that we already have a vaccine to fight this virus.

Click here: One YEAR later and we are still in a COVID pandemic.

(Congratulations to education and scientific research for saving the day)


No, I didn’t think I’d ever get back into the aviation world so quickly after it collapsed.

Yes, I am so grateful for the opportunity to jump back in, working with an amazing crew.


No, it’s not possible to fully cancel human connection.

Yes, I do feel closer than ever to the people who matter the most to be, even if they are far away or I cannot hug them.


Let’s keep supporting and respecting each other, wear masks when it’s required or recommended and lay low until the COVID-19 maelstrom passes over.

No one should be standing in the middle of a field when a tornado is still ravaging the next field over.


I am more grateful than ever.

I love more deeply than I ever have.

I am bruised yet I’m the strongest I’ve ever been.

Ninja mode : ON.

Let’s do this.



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