New Coffee Shop: Rubies+ Diamonds

Posted February 2017

This afternoon I met up with a friend and tried a new coffee shop in Hollywood called Rubies+Diamonds.

Tips about new coffee shop Rubies+Diamonds :

  • You can use the parking structure on El Centro, north of sunset, and they will validate your ticket for 90 minutes.
  • The Nitro brew was delicious! They also sell Clover juices.
  • They are dog-friendly.
  • There were a few tables outside if you feel like soaking up some sun!
  • Sweet greens, which I really want to try next time, & SugarFish are next door.

Impressions about Rubies+Diamonds :

The staff was pleasant and smiley. My nitro brew was very tasty & creamy (without having any cream in it). The interior design was very trendy, with the wood, gold and darker colors. The music was perfect. There were a few people working on their laptops, others just catching up with friends. It was overall a wonderful experience and I hope to stop by soon.


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