My favorite workout apps

Posted July 2020

Are you looking for workout applications to keep you motivated while training at home or in a hotel gym?
Do you miss your favorite coach yelling in your ear?
Do you want to get a good quick sweat session?
If the answer is yes, awesome keep reading!

I thought I’d share some of my favorite workout apps with you.

I touched upon this subject in my How confinement made me fitter but I thought you might enjoy getting more detailed information about the apps I enjoy. I change it up often, depending on how I feel and if I have Wi-Fi connectivity and cellular reception or not. Currently, I am obsessed with the Peloton app! Below are those that I have used in the past few months. Some are free, others require a subscription.

Nike Training: You can download it for free. I’ve placed it first on my list as A) the app is simple to use, B) it’s free C) I’ve been using it for years. I enjoy the ‘browse’ section, where you can decide the workout you’ll do, based on the muscle group you want, the workout type, or the equipment you have. There are also various options such as length of workout and level of experience in training. Once you’ve selected the workout you want, each move will have a short 5 second video demonstration and it will stay up for the length of the workout. You can also get voice coaching if you activate the feature. You also need to ‘download’ the workout you want before you can press start. Once it’s downloaded you can play it from anywhere (on/off  Wi-Fi and cellular reception).

Peloton- at home fitness: Most people think this app is solely for the Peloton branded spin bike. Not the case! They currently have a 30-day free trial period, long enough to get you hooked. The monthly cost is $12.99 for the digital membership after the trial period. What I love about this app is that it has every class you can think of, from bootcamp to strength, to spinning, cardio, stretching, yoga, meditation, and, of course, running. It’s been the best discovery this year for me! You can select the length and class type you want but also the instructor, the music and the level of difficulty. The workouts are pre-recorded, or recorded from a live session, so there is an instructor doing the workout with you the whole time. The workouts and movements are varied and the music is great! You can just press play if you have Wi-Fi/cellular connection or you can ‘preload’ the workouts beforehand. When the download is complete, you can play it from anywhere (on/off  Wi-Fi and cellular reception) and they stay in your ‘preloaded’ section.

WOD gen: This is a free app that I discovered during my Crossfit days. It’s great for generating workouts based on various elements such as endurance, power or partner workouts or body weight, travel, benchmark, open WODs, EMOM, RFT, AMRAP, gymnastics and Hero workouts.  But first you need to understand the acronyms: 

  • WOD– Workout Of the Day.
  • EMOM – Every Minute On the Minute, which is a way of saying you have 1 minute to finish all the movements and start over again at the next minute for X rounds
  • AMRAP– As Many Rounds As Possible (of the same X exercises for a pre-determined amount of time)
  • RFT– Rounds For Time, meaning how fast can you complete X number of rounds.
  • Hero workout – a tribute to a fallen first responder or member of the military who died in the line of duty (definition from wodwell), all are different.

The app randomly generates a workout once you’ve selected a type of WOD. You can keep skipping until you find one you like, or just let fate decide for you! If all of this sounds intimidating, don’t  let it be. Some movements may be Crossfit related but most are not.

Gymshark: This app offers mostly paying services but they do have some free content. You can select a few workouts and/or build your own workout from a suggested list. You can also follow different athlete’s programs (some free, others you will need to pay for). I haven’t used it much yet.

YouTube: A lot of people use YouTube channels to workout. It’s free, and once you’ve found someone you love, why not stick with them?  I enjoy channels such as MADFITSydney Cummings and for my french speaking friends, Studio Epix. I have friends that have taken dance classes others do yoga, boxing, etc! 

Instagram: You can also use Instagram to follow fitness related accounts. It’s free, and once you’ve found someone you love, why not stick with them for inspiration. It takes a little bit more motivation because unless it’s a live story, you are most likely just following a written down workout with some videos and you decide the intensity you push yourself. I personally enjoy following Claire Thomas, Meggan Grubb, Whitney Simmons, Zanna Vandjik and Hannah Eden.

Interval Run Timer: Free app that I use for when I create my own workouts. It’s useful for Tabata workouts (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off). Some days after a long run, I don’t feel like pushing too hard so I just set up my timer and do a few rounds of upper body work and abs. The free version only does 4 rounds but you can just restart it when it’s over. You can pay to unlock extra rounds.

You now know all my secrets and all my favorite workout apps!


If you’re looking for more workout inspiration, head over to the GYM section of my website and click on Workouts for hotel and home gyms for different combinaisons of exercises or Workouts outside the gym drills that require little to no equipment… or  yet again contact me and I’d be happy to train with you and keep you accountable.

** With COVID restrictions, a lot of gyms and trainers have started their own apps. They have also created zoom workout meet ups. You should ask your favorite fitness instructor if they are offering alternatives to in-class workouts. I suggest you check out Wonder Athletics and MoveLA, two fitness platforms from two badass women that are strong, smart and inspiring and with whom I’ve trained in the past. Sweat puddles and smiles guaranteed! **



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