Moonlight Rollerway, California

Last update: February 2017

Tips for skating at Moonlight Rollerway :

  • no gum or outside food allowed
  • $10.25 entrance fee + $5 to rent the skates
  • fun outfits are encouraged, especially on Rainbow Skate wednesdays
  • street parking is available but you have to be patient to find a spot.
  • People get at Moonlight Rollerway early to line up.

Impressions of Moonlight Rollerway :

Last night was quite an adventure.

My friends convinced me to go Roller Skating at Moonlight Rollerway with them. Little did I know everyone had already done it before, and some of them were VERY good. How did I miss out on that part of my life?

Stepping out on the Roller Skating area was a challenge. I could tell my ego was going to get bruised. Luckily a friend took me by the hand and helped me out for a few rounds. Needless to say, I wasn’t fully enjoying the music, fun decor or light because I was concentrating so much on not falling flat on my face or hitting someone as I tried to stop. I did fall, hit my knee pretty hard on the wooden surface… my ego was bruised more than my knee!

Some people were very impressive. They could skate backwards, do the splits while moving, swirl, jump, kneel, etc! Watching them was entertaining!

All in all, it was a challenging activity for me and I’m happy I went. Seeing my friends easily navigating around the rink with grace and style made me smile and appreciate the moment. One of them even came up to me and told me how I continuously inspire her and how she admires my determination (to figure out this skating thing, but also in life)…

So what are you going to do this week to step out of your comfort zone?