Latest visit: February 2017


  • Alvarado Street hosts a wide variety of restaurants. I recommend the Poke Lab: the Poke Lab Bowl was delicious because of the freshness of the fish!
  • The Fisherman’s Wharf is touristy: restaurants, shops and water tours to Whale Watch. The only cute find was Water+ Leaves and the Sea Lions.
  • Coffee shops:
    • Water+ Leaves on the Fisherman’s Wharf is really cute, the coffee was divine and they have a nice little patio overlooking the water.
    • Cafe Lumière which is in the Osio Theater offers good coffee, pastries and food.
    • Bright Coffee and Lilify, share a cute space on Lighthouse avenue. There are only 4 tables, half of them being a high 4 top and the other being small 2 top corner counters. The Sweet Chai Latte was up to my expectations. I was also tempted to purchase a few items such as jewelry and pottery from the artisan shop.
    • I still want to try these places: Aloha Coffee & Cafe (for coffee but also their Açai Bowls!), East Village Coffee Lounge, the Wharf Market place (for the patio, the coffee and the food) and the Studio Cafe (for the patio!).
  • Monterey Peninsula recreational trail runs along the coastline and is a great way to walk, run, bike, rollerblade to explore the area. Keep your eyes open for Sea Lions and white cranes and your nostrils ready for some salty, fishy smells.
  • I spent hours in the Cannery Row Antique Mall. There were so many gems such as hats, cameras, benches, vinyls, utensils and much much more for amazing prices!
  • The Monterey Bay Aquarium : Initially I didn’t want to visit it because I get bored in aquariums and it’s a very touristy thing to do. After almost a week of rain and being convinced by my entourage, I went and it was awesome (click link above to read about it on my blog). 
  • The Cathedral of San Carlos Borromeo is the oldest continuously operating parish and the oldest stone building in California. It was built in 1794. The outside is stunning and it’s worth the detour!
  • Cannery Row is not as exciting as people make it sound. It’s just a street with random shops and restaurants along it.
  • The Farmers’ Market was very quiet when I went because it was after a big storm but it was still a nice experience. It happens on Tuesdays, from 4pm-8pm (7 pm during the winter), on Alvarado Street & W Franklin Street. I bought some colorful flowers, crisp berries, ginger & carrot hummus and morning pastries!


Monterey is a cute, quiet, coastal city. It’s a great place to wander, relax and let go. People are polite and friendly. I was complimented multiple times for my ‘nice leggings’ and I was asked if I was a celebrity, which was very flattering considering my state at the time. Getting around by foot, car or uber is easy.

I noticed there was a lot more life this time because of the AT&T tournament happening in Pebble Beach. More people in the restaurant, bars and on the street.

So far I’ve been here three times and I’ve enjoyed every visit!