Looking back on my 20s

Posted April 2018

Looking back on my 20s, I realize how much I have grown and all the change that happened within those 10 years!

I lived in 4 countries, temporarily and permanently (Canada, Finland, Ireland and the USA), and traveled to over 25 new ones! I made new friends all over the world and managed to keep the people who mattered most in my life close to me even with the distance between us.

My heart was broken many times by failed relationships. I learned how to forgive (for your own mental health) and not to hold a grudge. My little heart got crushed when my dear friend John passed away. It was also filled with joy when I learned that my friends were starting families and became a godmother. I also felt so much love at my cousin’s wedding in Aberystwyth.

I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing, worked in sales for 2 media suppliers and I surprised myself by being able to reinvent myself career-wise twice within 2 years (as a fitness coach and now a corporate flight attendant). I started a blog and kept it going until now… as it’s upgrading to becoming a website (with a blog section).

I learned a new discipline (Crossfit) and discovered how strong I could be physically. My yoga practice also evolved tremendously thanks to fantastic teachers. I discovered a whole new world underwater and am now completely addicted.

Looking back on my 20s, I realize that I also found out how strong and also vulnerable I could be mentally and the importance of self-care and listening to your inner voice.

And smaller things like, I don’t like burgers and I’d rather have a good kale salad, and I don’t care what YOU think about it. I don’t need to drink alcohol and I will not cave under the pressure if I don’t feel like having a glass of whatever (don’t get me wrong I do enjoy drinks once in a while, AND ON MY 30TH BIRTHDAY!). I don’t like shots (alcohol) and refuse to take them. I developed an addiction for good coffee and still haven’t recovered from my chocolate addiction!

All in all, looking back on my 20s, it’s been quite a busy decade! I don’t regret anything I did but secretly am wishing for a slower-paced lifestyle for my thirties.

I will finish this post with a questionnaire I stumbled upon that offered interesting reflections and perspectives… (from Thoughtcatalog.com)

  •  Would my 5 year-old self be proud of who I’ve become? Very much so! Who would have thought I’d be paid to travel the world, and be based in California!
  •  Do I want to look rich or do I want to be rich? Neither. I would like to be wealthy enough not to have to worry about looking at price tags but I don’t aspire to be filthy rich.
  • Is how I spend my time and my money a true reflection of my values? YES. (friends/family+ travel+outdoor activities+coffee+good healthy food)
  • Whose opinions really matter to me? My close friends and family.
  • What will I absolutely regret not doing in my twenties? Nothing. I made a promise to myself years ago that I would live my life to its fullest and make sure I would never regret doing something I would have liked doing.
  • Am I around the people I want to be around? Yes, always.
  • Do I challenge myself enough? Fuck YES (sometimes maybe too much).
  • Do I know how to make peace with the past? Yes, this is something I learned how to do in my 20s.
  • What is my relationship with the world at large? As thick as thieves (wink)! When I’m not traveling it for work, I pick new countries to discover in my spare time! I’m also trying to share my experiences with less fortunate people with this website.
  • Do I know how to really forgive? Yes, this is something I learned how to do in my 20s.
  • How do I wish to be remembered? As a strong, inspirational woman.
  • What have I learned from my failures and my success? That I am very resilient, strong and focused.
  •  Am I doing the best I can right now? 100% yes.