Houston and the Super Bowl

Latest visit: February 2017


  • Houston:
    • Midtown has some fun bars including the Front porch pub and DogWood
    • White Oak Music Hall is a small, intimate venue on the outskirts of Houston
  • Super Bowl:
    • You’re only allowed to bring in a small purse and clear bags
    • Wear good shoes because you’ll be walking a lot
    • Plan your transportation accordingly or walk out of the restricted area for a few minutes and grab a cab
    • Make sure you wear your team jersey and scream as loud as you can because this is a very unique experience


I didn’t get to see much of Houston this time but I still got to live a very unique moment in football history!

The first night we were invited to a Bud Light sponsored event at the White Oak Music Hall. The Goo Goo Dolls opened for Sting.  The music venue is quite small, as I mentioned above, so it was a very enjoyable moment! Both bands gave very good performances!

The second day was spent running errands, then making it downtown to pick up our Super Bowl tickets. Yes, I was invited to the Super Bowl and I still can’t believe it. We had a few drinks in Midtown before we headed out to the stadium.

After walking around it for over an hour trying to find a car where we could stash the oversized back pack we had with us, we finally made it inside a few minutes before the Kick off! My seat was very good and I couldn’t believe the dollar value of it. How lucky I was to be there. The first half of the game was disappointing and stressful. The Falcon Fans around us were very happy. The half-time show was also amazing! Lady Gaga gave quite an impressive performance and the production and visual effects was mind blowing… but not as much as the fourth quarter of the game. I kept jumping off my chair and yelling as much as we could! The Over time was nerve-racking and exciting… and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be at the Super Bowl when the team I was rooting for wins! The feeling and energy in the stadium was indescribable! We screamed, we jumped, we cursed, we almost cried (when the Bush family made it to the field), we yelled… and yelled some more.

We walked out of the stadium, walked some more, got into a cab that took us to our car downtown and then hit the freeway to get a few hours sleep before we headed home. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get out of there. I was very impressed!

GO PATRIOTS ! 5 Super Bowls and counting!