Workouts outside the gym

Last update: February 2017

Your hotel doesn’t have a gym or it’s closed for an unknown reason? No problem! Follow these workout programs for a good sweat.

30 seconds on, 10 seconds to switch x 4 rounds (to start, then add rounds for more challenge).

Circuit 1 : Walk out push up/Squats

Circuit 2 : Jumping Lunge/Twisted Mountain climbers

Circuit 3 : Burpees/Side plank

Circuit 4 : extended arm plank/high knees

Circuit 5 : Butt Kickers/Bicycle

Circuit 6 : Jumping Jacks/Tricep Dips

Circuit 7 : Bridge raises/ab crunch

Circuit 8 : Bridge Pulse/ russian twists

Circuit 9 : Rock ‘n Roll Squats/ leg raises

Bench/picnic table workout moves

Step Master- side step stay low squat

Driving Incline Pushup- Begin in pushup position with hands on bench, left leg lifted low, toes pointed. Lower into pushup, and as arms extend, bend left knee into chest, bracing abs in tighter. Return to start.

Dip & kick- Sit with both hands on edge of bench, knees bent, feet flat on the ground. Scoot forward until your hips are just off the bench. Bend elbows to about 90 degrees and bend right knee up into chest, foot flexed. As arms straighten, extend right leg out in front of hip. Do 10 reps, and then repeat on opposite side

Elevated Lunge & twist at the bottom

Squat to plank

Fire Hydrant

Power Burpees- push up & jump on bench

Side lunge

Step ups/box jumps

plyo push ups

single leg lunges


leg lifts (side)

Ab turns (1 hand on bench, the other on table)

reverse crunch abs

mountain climbers

planks (side, rolls, 1 leg up at a time)

‘Hit the Bench’- 1 minute each

Bunny Hops (start with plank & hands on bench, knees to chest & up)

Plank with arm raise

plank & turn

Assisted pistol

Tricep Dips

Park workout:

Warm up:

15 JUmping Jacks

10 squats

10 lunges

5 push ups

10 sit ups

10 runners stretch

5 rounds:

400m run

12 Pull up incline

10 Tricep dips

15 Squat jumps

10 Push-ups

10 Burpee

45s on, 10s off:


Mountain climbers

Alt vups

Sit ups


HOTEL ROOM HIIT- 1 minute of each:
push ups
mountain climbers
Split squats
Jumping jacks
single leg raise hip raises

If you have a resistance band, try these exercises:

Clams (band above knees)

jumping squat (band above knees)

Pulsing Bridge  (band above knees)

Fire hydrant  (band above knees)

Pull appart (band on forearms)

Bend over row (band looped under one foot)

Bear crawls (Band around wrists)

Leg raises (band around your calves)

Jumping jacks (band above your knees)

Monster walk (band around the calves)

Standing side sweep (band around the calves)

Standing back/fwd sweep (band around the calves)

Plank taps side-to-side (band around your ankles/calves)

bicycle twist  (band around your ankles)

Tricep pull downs

Bicep curls

15 minute yoga style workout:

3 rounds non stop

Relevé- hold for 10 sec, 10 reps

Chaturanga to downdog- 5 reps

Dolphin plank with knee walkout- 10 reps

clam crunch- 10 reps

Friends workout

cardio part: 20s on 10s off

High knees

jumping squats

butt kickers

standing crunches (lift opposite knee to opposite elbow, fast)


jumping lunges

squat to standing crunch

(1 or 2 rounds)

40 s on 10s off:

mountain climbers

shoulder taps

bicycle crunch (knees dont stay 90 degrees with hips- upper body twists and shoulder stay off the ground the whole time, elbows wide open)

plank leg raise (elbows or hands, alternate)

pilates 100 (peel head and shoulders off the ground, keep lower back on the matt, raise legs and pulse to 100… breathe in for 5 pulses then out for 5)

side plank on elbows (pulse or lift leg for extra challenge)

plank opposite arm and leg raise

full sit up

pilates stance with legs up, flutter kicks


Bodyweight workout moves

  • squats
  • jumping squat
  • lunge
  • jumping lunge
  • lunge and kick
  • speed skater
  • high knees
  • Box jump
  • marching bridge
  • roll up
  • hip thrust
  • butt kickers
  • calf raises
  • jumping jacks
  • tricep dips
  • tricep push up
  • wide push ups
  • shoulder taps (elevated)
  • cross mountain climbers (elevated)
  • push up (elevated)
  • plank leg raise
  • plank opposite arm and leg raise
  • plank arm raise ahead
  • sphinx to forearm plank
  • plank climb against a pole
  • pull up with 10s Hold
  • assisted pistol squat
  • inverted row with towel grip