Grateful for loving friends

Posted January 2018

I am so grateful for loving friends.

Moving to a new city when you know no one can be hard. I learned that many times throughout my life.
How do you make new friends?
Do they really like you?
Will they really be honest with you?
Do they have your back?
Will they laugh with you when you’re acting crazy and will they cry with you when times are hard?


And what about the friends you left behind… will they still be there for you?
Will they resent you?


Over the years, I have come to realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by such strong friendships. People with whom I can exchange happy and not so happy thoughts, joyful and sad moments, challenges I’ve overcome and to come. I can do so at anytime of the day or night, they always listen and guide me through my struggles or celebrate my wins.

I look up to these friends, because they all have something unique to share and they all make me want to be a better, stronger, person. I can lean on them, even if they are thousands of miles away.

I hope they feel the same about me.

And if you’re thinking that distance is the reason why you’ve lost friendships, you are wrong. You and/or your friends are using distance as an excuse. Try harder or don’t call them friends.

Take a moment today to think about these people in your life who make you stronger and better. Thank them for having your back, listening to you and sharing their life experiences.

Money can’t buy that.

I am so grateful to all my loving friends. Thank you!