Visiting Federal, Australia

Latest visit: February 2018

Tips for visiting Federal:

  • Federal is a VERY small village.
  • If you stop by, have lunch at Doma Cafe: Japanese food is their specialty. I also saw later that there was a coffee shop called Moonshine Coffee Roasters next door.
  • Walk into the General store & post office and have a little chat with the people behind the counter. They are so friendly and will give you all the gossip about what happens in this tiny village.
  • Check out the Crystal Castle on your way (15-minute drive in the countryside), but plan a full day or at least afternoon.

Impressions of Federal:

Another sleepy town lost in the mountains. Worth the stop but don’t plan on spending too much time here. There’s one main road with a restaurant, 2/3 shops and a post office.

Doma Café is quite cute with its outdoor seating area, with picnic tables, flowers and hens just running around. The sushi was surprisingly good for such a remote area.

On my way out of Federal, I made a quick stop at the Crystal Castle but it was already mid-afternoon and decided this was the type of place I’d want to spend a full day or at least a couple of hours. The daily adult fee is 28$ per person and you can walk around giant crystals and the sacred gardens.

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