Exploring Teaneck, NJ.

Latest visit: February 2017

For over a year and a half now, I have been staying close to the Teterboro airport on short layovers. I’ve always enjoyed staying at the Marriott in Teaneck/Glenpointe because it’s linked to a bigger gym and spa. It’s a nice change from the small rooms with barely any equipment. The concierge lounge is also nice and cozy.

Last night when we were driving from the airport to the hotel, I noticed a lot of people walking around what seemed to be a park. I was puzzled because I remember checking if there were any parks around the hotel on one of my first trips out here and hadn’t found any. This morning, when I woke up very early and couldn’t sleep, I researched it on google maps and found the Overpeck County Park. When I asked about it at the front desk, at first they seemed puzzled and then I got an “Oh yeah my mom likes to walk there a lot.” Why not go on an adventure on this beautiful sunny morning? I wasn’t expecting much so I couldn’t be disappointed.

I decided to go Exploring Teaneck, NJ.

It was a short 5-minute drive over the freeway and a sharp right after the bridge, and I took the first right on the roundabout to get to the Paddle/Kayak area. I parked the car, put my earbuds in, started my music and Nike App… and away I ran.

It was a sunny day and relatively warm for the time of year. The run was hard because I had just eaten less than an hour before and my legs were tired but it was nonetheless very enjoyable! There was a paved walkway along the creek that made a loop. I saw geese on the creek and the lawn. There was also a little bit of snow left on the banks. The sun was shining brightly, but the wind was crisp and cool. At some point, I was running with the wind in my face and I could barely see because my eyes were crying so much. There were picnic tables and a kayak launching pier beside the parking lot. I sat there and just enjoyed the view.

I am very proud of my discovery because it makes my next stay a little bit more exciting! I hope I get to run it this spring or summer!