Exploring the Hollywood Reservoir, California

Latest visit: July 2018

Tips for exploring the Hollywood Reservoir:

  • The entrance is free and is open from dawn until dusk.
  • This is the less crowded, local, flatter version of Runyon Canyon.
  • There are 3 entrances:
    • south: at the top of Weidlake Drive
    • North: Lake Hollywood Drive & Montlake Drive.
  • This paved path is an approximate 5.25 km ( 3.26 mile) loop around the Hollywood reservoir.
  • You can walk, run, bike, rollerblade it if you want!
  • There is a secret cross-country path to the Lake Hollywood Park and the Hollywood sign. It’s not paved and more like a sandy trail. If you’re coming from the south entrance, take a right when you walk in and you will see a fence gate. The door should be open in the fence. Follow it up!
  • There are water fountains at the 2 main entrances.
  • Street parking is quite easy at both entrances.

Impressions of the Hollywood Reservoir:

My friend told me about this little gem when I was complaining about not being able to run in Hollywood. This is the perfect space for a loop and/or a cross-country run. You will always find shade at all times of the day and it always seems a few degrees cooler than anywhere else in Hollywood.

There’s also something very soothing about running around water, even if it’s a reservoir and fenced off. I’ve seen deer, ducks, squirrels and great blue herons.

It’s never too crowded and people here are a lot more laid back and relaxed than at Runyon Canyon. You will not really get a view of the city or the ocean, but you will see the Hollywood sign and the reservoir very clearly.

As for the cross-country trail I just recently discovered it! You will enjoy stunning views of the city, the reservoir, and the Hollywood sign. Look out for the magical tree swing!

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