Cutest coffee shop in Los Angeles : Kiff Kafe

Posted October 2021

Searching for a secret coffee shop that’s accessible to all in the city of Angels?

Look no further, Kiff Kafe is the place to be. Conveniently located close to the 405 and the 10 freeways, you can swing by for a morning pick me up coffee, an afternoon work session and even a fun evening date.


The entrance to the coffee shop is magical: as if you were walking into a fairy garden. The huge fig tree and gorgeous Bougainvillea vines, the patio lights, the charming outdoor furniture and the nice music make this place unique and welcoming. 


As you make your way to the coffee counter, either via the back entrance (through the patio) or by the front door, it feels like you are entering a local wine market of a small French village. The wine display is very enticing – I was tempted to buy a bottle and crack it open on the sunny patio. I did have work to finish so I chose to order a cappuccino and a croissant instead (boring, I know). Both were delicious but I realized that I’d made a big mistake by not ordering the avocado tartine when I saw the person at the neighboring table receiving hers. I couldn’t help but stare as she took the first bite. The look of satisfaction on her face made me regret my ulterior plans with friends for a late lunch in WeHo. I will NOT be making that mistake again!


Tip: There were power outlets on the patio too, which makes it ideal for working remotely… with a delicious iced coffee in hand.


The Kiff Kafe crowd was eclectic: families, hipsters, students, etc. Fun fact: José, one of the servers, is a reputable breakdancer from the Bronx who also loves embroidery! 


What made this place so amazing was the vibe: the L shaped patio with mix-matched tables gives it such charm. Eric, the owner, told me that it all came together naturally, without a specific design plan: a friend made the patio flooring, Eric just picked up chair sets here and there, another friend built the gorgeous wooden wall in the picture below, etc.



The staff was extremely friendly and checked in on me twice to make sure the cappuccino was to my liking. They also told me about the BBQ pop-up by The Great Outdoor that takes place in the evenings (Thursday – Sunday). The menu changes daily depending on the produce the Chef finds at the farmers’ market and it’s mostly prepared on a wood fire. Rodolphe, the owner of The Great Outdoor, met Eric back when he was supplying organic, Greek olive oil to Gjusta, where Rodolphe was a sous chef. They bonded right away over their French connection. Their friendship grew organically over time. When Eric got the wine license for Kiff Kafe last year, he went looking for the ideal food vendor to partner up with for a dinner service. Rodolphe saw a great opportunity to start his own gig, while helping a friend out. The concept is simple: you order from the The Great Outdoor menu with Rodolphe, then you head inside Kiff Kafe to get wine recommendations and buy a bottle. You can either bring your bottle to your table or have the server bring it out to you. Then the food comes to you when it’s ready. It’s a very laid-back, casual and chill vibe, where they take the lead and all you have to do is sip on wine and eat mouthwatering food. Their guarantee to you: trust them, and you will not be disappointed. La garantie c’est que ca sera bon, so trust the masters/chef.


How fun and adorable is that?



So just to recap, Kiff Kafe is your place to :

  • Work on an outdoor patio with a chill vibe while sipping on a latte,
  • Catch up with friends around a bottle of rosé/white/red wine,
  • Meet up with a date for some great food and wine in a fun environment.


Learn more about Kiff Kafe at


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