Creatures in a Hollywood gym – What you’ll find

Posted December 2017
I wrote this article back when I was working out at LA Fitness, on Hollywood Boulevard and noticed the diversity of observed creatures in a Hollywood gym. It reminded me a little bit of a jungle… a fitness jungle!

Here’s a list of creatures in a Hollywood gym:

  • a man running/dancing on the treadmill (doing crazy footwork)
  • a woman (I think) with sunglasses, in the evening, on a stationary bike
  • a man in jeans and work (leather) shoes, on the stationary bike
  • men with arms 4 times the size of their heads
  • women with boobs 4 times the size of their heads
  • a man singing very loudly as he is doing air squats
  • a woman dressed up as an astronaut, walking around the gym
  • AND actually a lot of ‘normal’ people who look healthy and fit!

Sounds fun right? Not really, creatures a in a Hollywood gym get old and annoying.

I found another place to workout!


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