Visiting Bangalow, Australia

Latest visit: February 2018

Tips for visiting Bangalow:

  • Not much happening here but worth the stop. 
  • Check out the Butcher & Baker for lunch or brunch. It’s very cute! If you’re looking for something healthy, there’s Pantry 29. I had a wrap at the Burger Bar (it was okay) and was hoping to get coffee at Sparrow but it was closed.
  • The Bangalow Hotel looked like it might be the place to hang out for a beer and live music.
  • You can also wander into all the cute little shops and art galleries including surprisingly high-end boutiques!

Impressions of Bangalow:

A friend recommended that I make the stop here on my way to Byron Bay. It was indeed a cute discovery. I enjoyed just walking around, checking out the (expensive) boutique stores and stopped for a quick lunch.

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