Visiting Arches National Park, Utah

Latest visit: October 2017

Tips for visiting Arches National Park:

  • You will be in your car to see most of the Arches National Park– except if you go on longer hikes.
  • Stops:
    • Balanced rock is worth the stop and the quick walk around.
    • The windows section is also very beautiful and breathtaking. Walk to the North and South Window as well as the Turret Arch. If you have time, check out the Double Arch. From here with a lot of imagination, you should see the parade of elephants ( I think I saw these elephant-like rocks but not 100% sure).
    • Delicate arch- You feel like you have a lot of energy? walk up to Delicate Arch. We were on a time crunch so we drove to the Delicate Arch Viewpoint and walked for a few minutes to get a distant glance at the Delicate Arch, which stands alone on top of a huge rock formation.
    • Devils garden- is worth stopping and walking around! See the Pine tree Arch, the Tunnel Arch, the Navajo Arch, Partition Arch and Landscape Arch. If you feel adventurous keep walking on the Devil’s garden primitive trail (see below) to see the Private Arch, Dark Angel and Double O Arch.
  • Hikes: get there early- it gets very crowded! If you like hikes that will immerse you in nature and be alone by times, do the Primitive Trail. It was the highlight of this park and one of my favorite hikes at the Mighty 5.
  • Bring water, snacks and a lunch.
  • Dress accordingly- it was very windy and chilly before the sun came out (mid-afternoon) and my winter hat and North face down jacket were very welcomed.

Impressions of Arches National Park:

This park felt like it was mostly made for beginner hikers except for the Devil’s Garden Primitive trail, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVED. It starts with some paved trails around Devil’s Garden where you can enjoy views of multiple arches and then directs you further from the crowds into the wilderness. At times you will have to navigate through nature with the cairns leading you in the right directions. The scenery kept constantly changing keeping us entertained during the whole hike. I believe the hike was approximately 8-miles round trip and was a loop which we appreciated a lot. I was surprised how challenging it was at times: climbing up a big rock to avoid a hole filled with water, getting lost and walking to the end of a canyon (dead end) and walking on the top of a rock with wind pushing you backward. Within the whole hike, we crossed paths with a few people but not too many and were alone many times.

I was quite impressed with the number of arches we saw in the park.

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