Visiting Antelope Canyon & Waterhole Canyon, Arizona

Latest visit: October 2017

Tips for visiting Visiting Antelope Canyon & Waterhole Canyon:

  • You cannot explore Antelope Canyon alone; you need to book a tour. They are owned and operated by the Navajo natives.
  • Antelope Canyon has two different sections: lower and upper.
  • Decide what type of excursion you want before you get there. Do you want the super touristy one or more of a local adventure?
  • Bring a camera!
  • For a well-kept walk around and into the canyon, check out the waterhole canyon walk (native fee hike). Bring a camera, water and snacks!

Impressions of Antelope Canyon & Waterhole Canyon:

What an amazing time we had out there! We were a very small group, 8 at the most, with one very knowledgeable and friendly guide. He helped us adjust our phones and cameras to the right settings to fully capture the beauty of this magical place. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and explained to us how this slot canyon was formed. He also let us take millions of pictures and just wander around, without being rushed. He also told us about the Waterhole Canyon walk!

You need to pay a native fee to be able to do this walk. Since we’d paid it for the tour, we assumed it would be accepted for the walk (but no one asked for it so we don’t know!). You can also buy the permit in Page apparently. Finding the entrance wasn’t too hard, it’s right off the Highway 89. You will find some signs and a barb wired fence. Cairns will guide your way down into the slot canyon. Once your feet are in the sand, it seems like you can either or left or right. We went left and just walked to the bottom of the slot canyon. We LOVED this walk along the canyon! We crossed paths with 4 people total within the 2 and a half hours we were there. I climbed shady looking ladders and if time hadn’t been an issue, I could have kept going on for hours! The silence and serenity in this place was incredible! My friend and I lay on a part of the cemented sand and just listened… to nothing. It was so relaxing!

Antelope Canyon Tour X:

Waterhole Canyon Walk:

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