Visiting Aberystwyth, Wales

Latest visit: July 2017

Tips for visiting Aberystwyth:

  • The first and best tip I can give you if you are visiting Aberystwyth is to be prepared for every type of weather no matter the season! On a 45 minutes walk, the sun came out and it felt very warm, shortly after that menacing clouds covered it, a cold wind started blowing and within minutes there was a total downpour. I was soaked through all my layers of clothing. This type of weather seems totally normal to the locals, so be ready for anything!
  • For a local hotel with nice views of the sea check out the Richmond hotel. The rooms are very simple but clean and the breakfast spread will satisfy every need.
  • If you’re up for a short hike, head north on Victoria Terrace (the strand) towards the cliff. Make your way up towards the Aberystwyth Cliff Railway but hike up to the top instead of taking the tram up. Once you are at the top, you can keep walking along the cliff side towards Clarach bay. You can also walk south towards the Marina, and walk towards Tanybwlch beach. Warning- this is a rocky beach but still very beautiful! Make sure to stop and check out the old Castle Grounds and the war memorial on your way there.
  • If you are thirsty or hungry I would strongly recommend heading to The Glengower. It’s a cozy, friendly pub with good food and a friendly atmosphere. Baravin is also known for their pizzas and the coffee & pastries there were quite good.
  • Mandatory Coffee stop at Coffee#1 or Pd’s diner, which is right on the beach front.

Impressions of Aberystwyth:

Aberystwyth is a small town on the west coast of Wales, nested along the The Irish Sea. I traveled there because my cousin was getting married in Talybont, and this is the closest bigger city to it. Our stay was wonderful and wet. It was nice to be in a cooler place than where we had been in the last few months although it did rain a lot, which forced us to stay inside and get a small case of cabin fever. I managed to get a few runs in, although I got caught by the rain twice and had to sprint back to the hotel! Aberystwyth is stunning when the sun comes out- the turquoise (BUT COLD) water and the colorful buildings make it look like a very exotic destination. When the rain comes in, it looks sad.

The wedding ceremony took place in the old Library, which was very beautiful. The reception and party took place on the top of a hill, in a field overlooking the sea and the mountains in Talybont. The set up was absolutely stunning and I am so grateful to have been able to attend such a wonderful celebration of love.