Visiting Bandon, Oregon

Outbound travel ideas and adventures Visiting Bandon, Oregon: What to bring: we were there in April and it was quite fresh and VERY WINDY. The trails along the Bandon Dunes Golf course are stunning but quite sandy so bring the right shoes for it. If you're a golf player, you'll have to bring your clubs! Where to stay: We stayed at the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort and it was...
One YEAR later and we are still in a COVID pandemic.

One YEAR later and we are still in a COVID pandemic.

Blog Posted March 2021 One YEAR later and we are still in a COVID-19 pandemic.   Who would have ever thought that we'd still be dealing with this COVID-19 fiasco a year later... and that we still wouldn't be out of the woods. Remember when I wrote the blogs entitled Not a Pause and Definitely NOT a pause and you probably thought I was crazy for writing those...
I created new healthy habits during this pandemic-Sara'sAdventures

I created new healthy habits during this pandemic.

Blog Posted February 2021     By now you've probably read my posts about how rough 2020 was on me, so I thought I should also share the positive aspects that have come out of it. I created new healthy habits during this pandemic.   You're probably wondering how this is possible when most of the population, lived on their couches, were under high stress situations, gained weight or didn't...

Visiting Kauai, HI

Outbound travel ideas and adventures Latest visit: November 2020 Tips for visiting Kauai: What to bring for a stay in Kauai: Reef safe sunscreen: Hawaii is the first state in the US to ban the sale of sunscreen containing the coral-harming chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate. The new law is currently in effect! Snorkeling gear: the water is so clear and there is so much to see (fish, coral, turtles, eels,...
How did I get here? Fitness talk

How did I get here? Fitness talk.

Blog, Running Posted February 2021   It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a year since the world went into lockdown. So many things happened in so many spheres of my life, yet others were completely paused. Sometimes I find myself wondering How did I get here? Let's Fitness talk.   One unexpected thing that happened is that I became in the best shape of my life. How I describe it to people...

Come travel with me…

Traveling has always been my passion. In February 2015, I started working for a prestigious operator of private jets and my world completely changed. Since then, I’ve been traveling the world for work and pleasure, making the most of every moment. In my spare time, I love to explore new areas and travel to new countries.

The intent of this website is to share my adventures with you. I enjoy finding local, off the beaten path gems, but unfortunately, I still end up sometimes in tourist destinations. Fitness and foodie tips will also be included along the way.

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